DLES 2022
(Federal Housing Center Kaduna Region)
Theme: Raising Future Leaders and Enterpreneurs

About DLES 2022

The Deeper Life Entrepreneurship School (DLES), is a special holiday programme organized for young people(students) usually during the long holidays.

It is a specially planned event which is aimed bringing out the best in youths. The programme is specially packed with different features that are targeted towards helping young people explore and reach their full potentials.
This year's theme was "raising future leaders and enterpreneurs".
This year's session was packed with different wonderful features like - a leadership session, a session on technology(digital marketing and coding) as well as other profitable activities.
The programme ran at our location(Deeper Life Bible Church Federal Housing Group of Districts Headquaters) for 3 weeks. Each week began on Mondays and ended on Thursdays. The final ceremony was held on Friday 27th August 2022.

The students and instructors had a wonderful time. Below are some DLES 2022 experience stories.

DLES 2022 Stories